DEAR WEB2, Our journey with you was incredible. Alas! we have to let you go.

Because it's the era of Web3!

´╗┐This seems a bit dramatic, but we get it.

Web3 is touted to be able to change the way we do almost everything on the internet.

Don't believe us? Read further.

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Here's what the best in the business have to say about Web3


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Web3 is the decentralized version of internet.

It's not only going to change the way we interact with the internet and web apps, but also the way we look at money, finance, art, content or even work. (Psst...the list only goes on!) That's why, we at Sparklehood are aiming to educate you about the Web3 space. You just have to make one commitment - that of learning with us for 12 weeks!

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This Cohort will benefit you through...

Expert Talks

We have top guns from the Web3 knowledge space on-board. You will not only learn from them, but also have a chance to interact with them during the session.

Networking Opportunities

You will get to network with like-minded, inquisitive and ambitious individuals who will support you in your journey towards being a Web3 master, or even an entrepreneur, yourself!

A Chance to Pitch

You will not only work on umpteen ideas throughout the 12-week journey, but also get a chance to pitch your unique ideas to our network of VCs at the end!

Our Speakers

Let's have you learn from the best

Lisa Wocken

DAO Educator and Co-Founder, Bolster Leadership

Harman Puri

Director, BlockTing & Advisor, Asgard DAO

Preetam Rao

CEO & Co-founder, Quillhash

Kiefer Zang

Crypto-Economics Consultant, Economics Design

Maria Shaikh

Founding Member, World's First Women's DAO

Mallikarjun Sarvepalli

Practice Head - XR, Metaverse, Web3 & Mobility

Vijay Pravin

Founder & CEO, bitsCrunch

Neeraj Benjamin

Crypto Bank & Blockchain Advisor, Busy Technology

Francis Mendoza

Blockchain Engineer, Ripple

Rohit Dayani

Co-Founder, The Sidepath

Sarvesh Kakkeri

Head Of Business Development, Xubba iTech

Irmak Yolcu

DLT & DEFI Talent & Electronics engineer, Mercuso Technology

Zaryab Afser

Blockchain Engineer, Ethereum Push Notification Service

Program Details

The cohort is a 12-week program designed for motivated individuals interested in learning about Web3. It is a guided self study program to give you access to right resources and help you learn through assignments and participation. You will also have exposure to what is happening in the space through guest speaker sessions from industry experts. You will be working on a project or an idea of your own and will get a chance to present it to VCs.

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Our awesome features

Program Structure

The first 8 weeks will focus on helping you understand the foundational concepts of Web3. In next 4 weeks, you will work on a problem or an idea of your own and produce an article, whitepaper or a pitch deck. You will also get a chance to pitch your ideas to VCs and industry experts.

Introduction to Web3 Technologies:

Understand the concept of decentralization and the key technology enablers driving the Web3 application.

Identity & Ownership in Web3:

Learn how the identity and ownership is fundamentally different in Web3 applications and how it created 'digital assets' like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, utility tokens etc.

Decentralized Finance:

Learn about the protocols that are enabling DeFi and how finance is being done in Web3. You will learn about staking, lending, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins etc.

Web 3 business Model:

Learn about how Web3 is shaping organizations and the evolving business models in the space. You will learn about DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations), Tokenomics and the emerging landscape of Web3 businesses.

The Web3 Program Timeline

Here's what you're going to do over the next 12 weeks

Week 1 - 2

Week 1 (Introduction to Web3 Technologies) Get introduced to Web3 technologies by Lisa Wocken, DAO expert. She is not only the co-founder of Bolster Leadership, but is also a DAO educator at talentDAO. Week 2 (Introduction to Web3 Technologies) Francis Mendoza and Harman Puri will also make you think deeper about Web3 technologies. Francis is a maverick when it comes to blockchain R&D and security research. He is also an incoming Blockchain Engineer at Ripple. Harman Puri, meanwhile, is a Director at BlockTing and an Advisor at Asgard DAO. Previously, he held positions as a Blockchain Consultant and a DLT Expert.

Our awesome features
Week 3 - 4

Week 3 (Introduction to Web3 Technologies) Here's where you present your projects to your peers. You'll receive feedback and learn exponentially. Plus, you receive project topics to be presented in week 5. Week 4 (Identity and Ownership in Web3) Kiefer Zang (Crypto-Economics Consultant and NFT Analyst) and Vijay Praveen (Founder & CEO, bitsCrunch) will guide you through the world of Crypto and NFTs. It's going to be a helluva ride!)

Our awesome features
Week 5 - 6

Week 5 (Decentralised Finance) Your peers will (again) assess your projects, and you will get project topics for week 7. Week 6 (Decentralised Finance) Rohit Dayani and Sarvesh Kakkeri will take you through the world of DeFi. Rohit Dayani is founder of The Sidepath, which aims to enable 21st generation learning for everyone. He is heavily focused on Web3, growth and building communities. Sarvesh, meanwhile is head of Xubba, India's first Web3 social talent live streaming platform!

Our awesome features
Week 7 - 8

Week 7 (Understanding Web3 Business Models) Web3 business models won't seem that difficult at all post this session! You will present your assignments on DeFi, and will receive your final assignment questions! Week 8 (Understanding Web3 Business Models) Maria Shaikh and Preetam Rao will enlighten you about 'Web3 business models'. Fun Fact: Maria is not only Data Scientist at ZebPay, but is also the Founding Member of the World's First Women's DAO. Another tidbit: Preetam has audited over 500 smart contracts as part of his startup Quill Audits. Neat, right?

Our awesome features
Week 9 - 10

Week 9 (Introduction to the Final Project Topic) You will give a demo on your projects for which you have worked so hard on for the last 2 weeks, and be introduced to the final project topics. Week 10 (Final Guest Lectures) Mallikarjun Sarvepalli (XR, Web3 and Metaverse pro) and Neeraj Benjamin (Blockchain Advisor, Busy Technology and Technology Advisor, Crypto Bank), will leave no stone unturned into making you all greater Web3 enthusiasts!

Our awesome features
Week 11 - 12

Week 11 (Progress and Feedback) Sharing your progress on the final presentations, and receiving feedback on your work from your mentors. That's what this week will be about! Week 12 (Final Presentations) HODL on. It's final presentation day. You will present your whitepapers in front of a VC, and the best ones will be selected for funding. With this, the Web3 program comes to an end. But remember, the learning still goes on! WAGMI.

Our awesome features

Just a word or two from our Speakers

Listen to what the Web3 pros have to say

Tell me more about Sparklehood

Sparklehood is a start-up school for founders that want to explore the world of start-ups, while working 9 to 5. We are on a mission to build communities where the world innovates together with the help of playbooks from exceptional operators and engagement between people with similar aspirations. We have incubated 50+ start-ups that have resulted in value creation of over USD 500 million. These start-ups have not only spanned the web through Deep-Tech, HealthTech, AgriTech, SaaS and AI, but have also made quite a name in the world of Web3. Our biggest Web3 success story, ItsMyne, a social NFT marketplace, was valued at USD 15 million! Sparklehood has also been educating start-up founders and tech enthusiasts about DAOs, and we have successfully reached out to over 100 participants in just 2 workshops. Who knows, you could be the next page in our success story?

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Sparklehood Alum Companies

Sparklehood Alum Colleges

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers.

The goal of the Web3 Program is to equip you with knowledge ranging from identity to ownership in the web3 universe, and from Decentralized Finance (DeFi, as it lovingly called) to business models in web3. In all, we ensure that if you are stuck in an elevator with a web3 enthusiast, you just might get out as buddies! :)

The program costs $1000. However, there is an 80% off on pricing for early birds. Be one of them! As part of the program, you get curated content, talks from industry experts, opportunities to network, learn by doing and even pitch to investors with whitepapers!

Students, entrepreneurs, web3 enthusiasts, tech geeks, neighbours, friends, relatives...basically anyone and everyone who wants to learn and dive into the world of web3 (the futuristic one that you must have probably seen in the Jetsons), is encouraged to apply!

You do not need any prior experience or knowledge for this course. All you need is willingness to learn.

The expected time commitment per week is 8-12 hours, although, out of interest, you might even put in more time and effort. There's no harm :)

You do not need anything apart from a laptop and good, stable wi-fi connection. We will be interacting with you over Google Meet, and would request you to make an account on discord, if you do not have one already, and join our channel using this invite link: https://discord.com/invite/wdjq9m2eV6 While you are attending the guest speaker lectures, make sure that you keep some scratch paper and a pen/pencil handy, since you will be introduced to many concepts that might require to be noted down.

Yes, we do have scholarships in store for you, which also means that we will be having different expectations from you during the program. As part of the scholarship application, you will be required to fill out some essay questions assessing your motivation, and based on the quality of answers and your conviction, we will be giving out scholarships to the best applicants.

We guarantee you, this is a fully remote program and you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Yes, you will receive a full refund until 72 hours before the program starts.

Good news: you will have a year's worth of access to the community even after the 12-week program ends. Post this, you will have to pay a minimum fee to still be in touch with the community.

Please feel free to reach out to us at team@sparklehood.com, and we will solve all your queries.

Wanna be a Web3 Whiz?

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